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Fresh Seafood's BBQ

Minimum 2 person

Snacks Garlic bread and onion rings
Entrée Green salads tossed with balsamic honey dressing
Main Courses Grilled snapper, Garlic prawns, Tuna satays, Squid, Sweet corn on cob, Seafood fried rice, sautéed water spinach, prawn crackers
Sauces Balinese sambal matah, chili soy
Dessert Assorted tropical fruits platter Apple pie with ice cream

IDR 465,850 per person

Fresh Seafood's BBQ
Per person - Rp465850

Authentic Balinese Suckling Pig

Minimum 4 persons

Starter Bean and coconut salads
Main Course Whole suckling pig Sautéed vegetables Steamed yellow fragrant rice Assorted traditional sate Prawn crackers
Dessert Balinese sweet cake Fresh fruit

4 person IDR 3,993,000
6 person IDR 5,324,000

Authentic Balinese Suckling Pig

Favorite Mixed BBQ

Minimum 2 persons

Snacks Bruchetta and spring rolls
Entrée Organic garden salads tossed with Olive oil
Main Courses Chicken sate, Beef sate, Beef steak, Chicken leg, Fillet snapper, Prawn
Roasted potato, sautéed vegetables, Prawn crackers
Sauces BBQ sauce, black pepper sauce, peanut sauce
Dessert Assorted fresh tropical fruits, Apple pie with ice cream

IDR 484,000 per person

Favorite Mixed BBQ
Per person - Rp484000

Indonesian Rijsttafel

Indonesian Family Dinner - Minimum 2 persons

Starter Vegetables croquets Fried stuffed tofu
Main Course Chicken sate Balinese tuna fish skewer Beef rendang Vegetable curry Sautéed water spinach Steamed white rice Prawn crackers
Dessert Sweet Indonesian dessert or fruit platter

IDR 363,000 per person

Indonesian Rijsttafel
Per person - Rp363000

Additional Traditional Performances for every Dinner or BBQ
Rindik Performances Rp 800,000
Balinese Dancers Performances with Traditional Gamelan Players Rp 2,500,000
Balinese Dancers Performances with recorded music Rp 1.500,000
Barong Dance Performances Rp 3.000,000

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