Spa Service


We offer guests a full range of spa treatments in the privacy of your villa by the trained staff from Professional Spa. The body treatments are therapeutic, relaxing and rejuvenating experiences using natural products to enhance well being and reduce stress. Be sure not to miss this experience.

The Spa offers our guests a choice of aromatic massage fragrances:

  • harmonizing and balancing lavender
  • refreshing, stimulating lemon and orange
  • or relaxing, soothing ylang ylang flower oils

Aromatherapy Therapeutic Masses

Traditional Oriental - Full Body
Our signature massage. Our own rejuvenating and stimulating blend of techniques combine long massage strokes, deep stimulation on muscles and joints along with great stretching (Shiatsu, Swedish, Thai, Reflexology)

Californian - Calm Me - Full Body
A much softer approach with a touch of swedish for those who favor "effleurage" rather than deeper movement. From soft to middle pressure it is all about slow, sliding and long connective movements. Ideal for calming the nervous system

Tension Relief
Sitting long hours on planes or over a desk, improper posture have inspired these highly beneficial techniques. Our therapists are trained to relieve tension and stress in specific parts of the body. Foot reflexology will also stimulate the body's recuperative power. Choose from:
- Neck, shoulders, upper back
- Lower back
- Full back

Foot Reflexology Discovery
Tonifying and balancing. Acupressure, deep strokes and drainage will make your feet and full body feel entirely new. Start with, lavender, peppermint, flower petals foot wash for 60 mns.

Our 90 mns treatment starts with a luxurious aromatic and mineral salts foot bath while our staff massage your neck and shoulders.

Pregnancy Massage Will make you feel lighter again.
(60 mns only)

Four Hands Massage
A new signature massage. A marvelous choreography performed by two therapist working in perfect harmony produces an unforgettable journey. Swedish, Lomi-lomi, Myofascial Stretching, Percussion and Rocking are used in this technique.

Body Mask/Wrap (Masque Corporel)

All treatments begin with a traditional relaxing massage to improve body metabolism. The body is wrapped with a thermolactic film increasing heat stimulation as well as facilitating ingredients absorption into the body's pores to relieve stress. A warm aromatic tropical flower bath completes the experience

Traditional Balinese Boreh
Pepper, clove and ginger are mixed in the "Boreh" of natural ingredients used to stimulate blood circulation and eliminate toxins

Body Scrub (Skin Exfoliation - Peeling Gommage)

All "body scrub" treatments end with a traditional relaxing massage to harmonize your senses. A warm aromatic flower bath completes the experience.

Coffee Scrub
Stimulates the circulation and refresh the skin. An activating scrub for all skin types.

Coconut Scrub
Leaves skin smooth and shining, radiant and restored. And it's superb for sensitive skin.

Green Tea Scrub
Green tea is an antioxidant par excellence, to counteract aging and toxins. In this scrub, it's especially beneficial for oily skin.

Other Services

Hair & Scalp Sensations
De Luxe Hair Spa "L'oreal" Cream Bath

Enjoy the outrageous pleasure of this traditional Indonesian treatment. A rich conditioning cream is massaged into scalp and hair in an experience thaf is just blissful. It includes a neck, shoulders and arm massage and finishes with blow dry to reveal your hair new radiance. We use products for normal, dry or oily hair per your request.

Traditional Facial
Our facial massage provides relaxation, drainage and activation of the skin's metabolism using an aloe vera base, known for its healing properties. It is ideal for cooling, soothing and rejuvenating sun damaged skin. Enjoy a hand, arm or foot massage, completing the experience. For normal - oily skin or sensitive-dehydrated. (per your request)

Biokos - Martha Tilaar. (reputable local product)

Product from Spa Essentia - Singapore

Manicure - Pedicure
Full nail grooming combined with an aromatic lavender soak and massage to beautify and pamper your hands and feet.

French Manicure. A more natural look

Touch of Bali
One hour massage of your choice + facial

Pampering Indulgence
90 minutes massage of your choice + De Luxe L'oreal Creambath

Spice Island
1 Body scrub or 1 body mask + manicure + pedicure
(not applicable for island sea mud and cooling seaweed)

Gift vouchers / Certificates available

Cancellation Policy

  • Should you be late, your appointment may be shortened to allow the therapist to be on time for his/her next appointment.
  • We require 3 (three) hours notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment to avoid a 50% charge of the treatment fee.
  • No show will be charged the full treatment fee.

To avoid inconvenience for the next person, please be ready ten minutes before your session is scheduled to begin. Please let us know if you prefer

  • A male or female masseuse
  • Strong, medium or light pressure