Is Bali Safe? Reasons that should still visit Bali

Much has changed in Bali since the tragic events of October 12th 2002. Prior to the attack on that night, security in Bali was not a high priority, as it had never seemed necessary. This has changed, along with the worlds concerns and security. Bali has successfully hosted the 2003 ASEAN Conference attended by 15 regional heads of state, and other visitors to the island including the past President of Indonesia, Megawati, John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia and George W. Bush, President of the United States of America and many others.

None of these heads of state, along with 18 others would have visited Bali if they were unsure of their safety. Travel warnings to many countries are now a fact of life. There was no warning against the USA or New York after the September 11 attack for instance. Just as there were no warnings against the UK at the height of the IRA terror campaign. A most unfortunate double standard as it scares the faint-hearted away. Travel warnings appear to be in place as a precaution for foreign governments in the event of an incident, rather than actual knowledge of planned attacks and should be taken in the vain they were issued.

This should not stop you coming to Bali, which is still voted number 1 holiday destination by many leading publications every year including TIME. Those of us who live and work in Bali, and the ever-increasing numbers of returning visitors feel safe to enjoy all the amenities this wonderful Island has to offer.